How Commercial Printing Saves Businesses Money

Many businesses today opt to do their own printing in-house. Software programs are available to help design and create business cards, logos, brochures, letterhead, and flyers. Office supply stores carry perforated heavy paper sheets and pre-folded pages to easily print out business cards and folded advertising. Office printers that are capable of high-volume printing can be purchased, and ink cartridges can be ordered in bulk. Owners are under the impression that in-hose printing is more cost-effective than commercial Printing Services in Sugar Land.

There are a few factors that business owners fail to take into account. The first is the overall expenses of purchasing, operating, and maintaining large printers. Inks, toners, and different sizes of special paper add up quickly. High capacity printers take more energy to operate, which can spike electricity costs. They also produce a lot of heat, so proper ventilation is necessary in the room where the printer is kept. Repairs require professional technicians who may not be available to provide same day service. That leads to more downtime for the printer. Another factor is the staff time it takes to design printed materials and print them off. When all the time and costs are added up, there may not be much cost savings over commercial printing, and most often there is no savings at all.

Consistency is also an issue. Depending on who is operating the printer, settings can be altered, font can be changed, and the quality of the printing can be compromised. That will have an effect on the image and impression the business has on customers, clients, partners, and investors. Printed materials reflects on the business. If some business cards are darker or lighter than others, brochures are misaligned, or sales announcements do not look professional, the business image suffers. The desired outcomes are not realized, new customers are not attracted to the business, and revenues slip. Commercial printing is cost-effective, consistent, and fast. Many companies provide design services to help business material stand out from the competition. Creative business card options, such as scalloped edges and rounded corners can ensure cards will not get lost in a wallet. Discuss needs, preferences, design ideas, and budgets with printing company staff to determine if commercial printing is a more cost-effective option than in-house printing.